New Revelations About Hillary Clinton’s Use Of Private Email

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes part in a Center for American Progress roundtable discussion on "Expanding Opportunities in America's Urban Areas" in Washington.

The email saga may not be over for the U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, as many voters are still searching for satisfactory answers for her use of private email for official work. Clinton use of her private email server in her Westchester home during her tenure as the Secretary of State has continued to be a controversial issue that has trailed her throughout her campaign for presidency.


In a New York Post article, Natalie Musumeci claims Hillary Clinton “knew all along that using a private email server as a government officials could be a problem.” Musumeci reported that a new batch of emails released recently reveals Clinton is not as oblivious as she wants people to believe because she had questioned the use of private emails when a State Department employee report on Libya was forwarded to her by her staff. Clinton responded on February 27, 2011, “Is he in NEA [Near Eastern Affairs] currently? Or was he in the Embassy? I was surprised that he used personal email account if he is at the Department of State.”

Clinton has since apologized for her use of private email to conduct official business, but maintains that she never sent classified emails through her private server.