The Ugandan comedian, entertainer, and actress Anne Kansiime shared a throwback picture of herself, making fun of her “flat-chested” boobs. In a social media post Kansiime said:

“About 12 years ago when my breasts had refused to grow fully when they knew I was about to go to university and legally meet and sit next to hot boys, I din’t know i would turn out to be this Kansiime Anne.

When I boarded the post bus to kampala and got out in masaka thinking it was kampala cos I had never seen those many cars in one town, I swear I din’t know i would be the Kansiime Anne one day. I have sure come this far by faith. …soon ull know come 24th March.”

In another post, Kansiime said “It is important to note that my breasts had refused to grow till I was 17years of age.”

Anne looks beautiful now and then!

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