The interview by Premium Times sheds more light on the controversy between the Fulani ethnic group and the Agatu people of Benue. The interview with Premium Times, Saleh Bayeri the leader of the Fulani ethnic group and the Interim National Secretary of Gan Allah Fulani Association defended the attack, saying that they were fighting back for all the killing and attacks on his people including the killing of a prominent Fulani man. Bayeri decried the silence when the Fulani people are attacked and killed, blaming it on the lack of representation in government and media.

Mr. Bayeri appealed to the government to set up an independent judicial commission to investigate the 300 Fulani claimed to have been killed.

“We have a full inventory of all the Fulani people killed by Agatu and we would produce the evidence as long as the inquiry commission is not under the National Assembly.”

“We have no confidence in the national assembly because of the overriding influence of the former Senate President David Mark, who knew how the Fulani were being massacred and did nothing but use his influence to cover it up.

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