A 26-Year-Old Man Arrested For Raping A 7-Months Old Baby


A 26 year-old suspected rapist has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly raping a seven month-old baby. The suspect identified as Happiness Umaru, allegedly kidnapped the baby, but ran out of luck when policemen on duty caught him with the baby in Surulere, Lagos. When he was apprehended, Umaru initially claimed to be the biological father of the child, before he retracted the story and said he found the baby in a bush.

The case was transferred to the Gender Department of the Lagos State Police Command and the investigative unit located the mother of the child, who threw more light on the case. According to the mother’s account, the child was stolen from her home after she left the baby in the house with the older son to run an errand.

“I laid my seven months old baby on the bed inside my house at about 8p.m., to buy food for my son. “By the time I returned with the food for my older son, my baby had disappeared. I raised alarm and neighbors joined me in the search all thorough the night, but we did not find him. “I did not know that police officers had arrested the man who stole my baby. Luckily, when they came the next day to investigate the case, they located me.”

The mother was reported to have united with her child.


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