Ban The Use Of Generators-Senator Ben Murray-Bruce


Outraged by the report that power generation collapsed to zero megawatt for several hours on March 31st, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce called on the federal government to ban the use of generators in the country. According to him, only hospitals, airports, and Aso Rock should be allowed to own a generator. He believes the crippling power situation will improve if elite government officials are banned from using generators.

“Other than hospitals, airports and Aso Rock, if we ban generators for government officials, officers and living quarters you will be shocked at how fast power improves in Nigeria! But when you do not feel the pains of the people you have no incentive to ease their burden,” he said.

Perhaps the Senator is suggesting that these government officials be forced to experience the suffering that millions of Nigeria are subjected to everyday. He forgot to add that it is shameful that the so called “Giant of Africa,” a country endowed with abundant human and natural resources, is struggling to provide constant electricity supply to its citizens.