A Nigerian Church With A Mission To Build Free Schools In All States

OPM free school

A Nigerian church, Omega Power Ministries (OPM) has chosen a unique mission of building free schools that is making waves around the country. OPM, as it is popularly called, has a stated mission “to open free schools in every state of Nigeria so that the poor can go to school and crimes will reduce.” According to the post by OPM on social media, the church currently operates free schools in Port Harcourt, Eleme, Ohanku village in Ndoki, Abia State, and Bayelsa State and plans to open at least one free school in every State in Nigeria.

This is a powerful mission, considering that many new generation churches have come under severe attack for the lavish lifestyles their General Overseers live. Many of the church leaders own luxurious cars, private jets, and are quick to brag about their lavish lifestyle, which is in line with the “financial prosperity” gospel they ostentatiously espouse.

The idea of building quality free schools is bound to touch many lives as the rising cost of education deters many poor families from sending their children to school. By providing this opportunity to poor families, many children will benefit from it and will learn the skills and knowledge to be productive members of the society.

Moreover, the success of this mission brings hope of social mobility for the poor families that their children would otherwise not have gone to school. Children who live in poverty in Nigeria and other developing countries, face extreme barriers to education. Giving a child the opportunity of free quality education is an act of kindness that epitomizes the biblical teaching “love your neighbors as yourself.” They say, give a child education and change his/her  live forever. Education is power!


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