EFCC Freezes Fayose’s Account


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) has frozen the account of the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose and those of some of his close associates.  The Governor is one of President Buhari’s greatest critics. Many observers believe that his criticism of the President may have brought the unwelcome attention of the EFCC.

Fayose’s personal account in Zenith, Ado Ekiti State branch, was reported to be the first target by the anti-graft agency. Fayose knew his fate after hearing that his personal account would be frozen and then a counter-check he made out for a withdrawal was rejected by the bank.

Disappointed in the action of the EFCC to freeze his account, the Governor said it violates Section 308 of the constitution. He said:

“I got wind of the fact that the EFCC had placed restriction order on my personal account and that of my associates. I came here today (yesterday), and I have been able to see it. This action shows that this government has no respect for the constitution because I enjoy immunity under Section 308.

“I support government fighting corruption, but it has to be within the ambit of the law. You can investigate me; it is their right, but they have to wait till 2018 because I will be done by then. They should not be in a hurry because I will personally come to them for investigation.

“I have become a public figure in this country that I don’t have anywhere to run to. This rascality of EFCC must stop. If they like, let them investigate the whole world. Is it because they are the sitting government now that nobody can ask them questions? We will take every legal procedure to get things right.

“I am not leaving this bank until they give me a statement of account. They must put it into writing because EFCC has no right under the law to freeze my account. They did not communicate with me. They want to destabilize the state, and we will use all legal means to make them obey the constitution. They can investigate me, but they can’t coerce me.”