Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Senator Bruce Announces Silverbird Job Creation


The latest announcement of job creation by Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, representing Bayelsa East senatorial district, is a delightful news in this tough economy times. The Senator announced on social media that he created 50 jobs in one day. Polictics aside, this announcement gives hope to many who are hurting due to the economy downturn and the rising food prices that threaten “disappearance” of poor hardworking Nigerians.

Senator Murray-Bruce shared this news on his Facebook page. He posted:

“Silver and Gold have I none. What I have for Nigerians is JOBS!!! 50 jobs created today at Silverbird Cinemas Jabi Lake Mall ‪#‎JobsForNigerians

Ben bruce job

The comments were mostly praising of the effort as some called for other politicians to emulate the goodwill of the Senator. Some of the comments are below:

ben bruce jobcomments

Senator Murray-Bruce also shared some pictures: