Yvonne Nelson’s Posts Bold Breasfeeding Picture


Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson seems to be giving a nod to the on-going public breastfeeding  movement as she posts a picture where she is beautifully holding her baby and breastfeeding her. This does not seem to be a break from the African tradition, as many African women (back in the days though) are not ashamed to breastfeed their babies in public. Though this trend in Africa is gradually fading because the so called “modern women,” are now less likely to breastfeed in public, in westernized countries, especially in the United States, this has recently become a highly contested issue that has driven the public breastfeeding movement. This moment aims to make it more acceptable for women to feel free to breastfeed their babies when they choose to and for whatever reason, to do so without being publicly shamed. The movement is picking up steam as several women have been pictured in several U.S. based magazines holding their babies and breastfeeding them.

Yvonne posted on her Facebook page:
Errrmm yea…I’m still breastfeeding @rynroberts 😁…
Yvonne, also recently posted cute pictures of her baby.
Is Yvonne Nelson giving a nod to the movement or just doing her thing? You decide…