Jumoke Orisaguna, The Bread Seller Turned Model Appears On CNN

The story of the sensational bread seller turned model has hit international limelight as she appeared on CNN, an international media corporation on February 12. In a teary emotional tone Orisaguna expressed that she is shocked at what has happened in her life.


“I never expected this would ever happen to me,” says the erstwhile bread seller. “My friends have told me they saw me on the TV and they are really happy. My parents cannot believe their own child can become such a success. They are all so happy”, she said. With limited education, Orisaguna is not fluent English and only communicates in her native Yoruba language.


TY Bello a singer and a photographer whose magical photo shoot ushered Orisaguna to fame is not taking full credit for her role in creating a sensational star, but rather calls her journey to stardom “divine”. “Everyone connected with the story because everybody has dreams,” argues Bello. “This is a very tough time in my country… Everyone is looking for that magical break… I think this is definitely divine because the way people have connected with it is just phenomenal. It’s a phenomenal story” Bello said.

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