Nigeria And The Comedy Of Budget Errors

It was touted as a change budget. The announcement came as loud. Not many Nigerians saw it coming. As a matter of fact most analysts leaning towards the ruling party said “we have arrived”, while non- partisan analysts said “for the first time we are voting more for capital expenditures.” However, not quite long after it started to seem more as a HUMPTY DUMPTY BUDGET. First we heard of the gigantic figures that would be sourced through borrowing to sustain the budget, the humongous amount to be spent on vehicles for Aso Rock villa and National assembly (NASS), and that of the Aso Rock villa clinic vote that surpassed the combined total sum voted for the 5 biggest national teaching hospitals. Finally, stories were leaked that due to errors the budget had been stolen from the NASS. Initially, the rumor seemed like a comedy pitch, but it was soon confirmed to be indeed true and the budget was replaced. However, not so long after the Ministers started budget defense we started hearing of padding of different votes with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries disowning these votes. Now the people have discovered that they have been taken for a ride and the budget is crumbling and falling off the wall.

As the new administration continue to deny knowledge of wrong doings in the budget issue- paddings, corruption and potential obtaining by false pretense, in other words holding unto the wall with their HUMPTY DUMPTY BUDGET, Nigerians need to keep watching because the great fall that crashed HUMPTY DUMPTY BUDGET’s head has happened. This new government like others before it is not taking responsibility for the budget mishap. The President should apologize and own the error because the “buck stops with him” when it comes to the country’s budget. Nigerians need to rise up and ask for a real “Change” Budget.

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