From Bread Seller To a Stunning Model: The Photobomb Inspired Stardom


Who says “Nigerian dreams” are not possible? Jumoke Orisaguna is living that dream right now. Orisaguna is swimming in the ocean of success as she answer the call of destiny. A mother of two who was going about her normal life when she photobombed a shoot while hawking bread, Orisaguna has embraced her new life.
Orisaguna’s rise to fame happened as quickly as it takes the magician to say the word abracadabra in a magic show. God indeed uses human angels to change people’s to change lives. For Orisaguna, Nigerian’s favorite rising star, that angel was TY Bello, a prominent musician and photographer. TY Bello was photo shooting a UK popstar Tinie Tempah when Orisaguna walked by carrying a stack of bread on her head. Bello noticed Orisaguna in a state of confusion when some bystanders yelled that she should move away quickly while some told her to stay. Bello turned to Orisaguna and asked “is it ok to take your photograph? And she nodded ok.” That moment changed everything for Orisaguna.
Bello said, “I didn’t think I made a great image,” but she went ahead to post the picture on social media. When the picture was posted on social media, the interest in the story escalated. Describing the public reaction to her post, Bello said:
“When the photographs landed for the first time on social media, everyone immediately thought she was a model, no one believed she just walked past. It occurred to me that if everyone thought she should be a model then maybe she should be one, then the search for her began.”
Many great news have followed since this divine occurrence. Orisaguna’s fame is now unstoppable. She is now a top favorite person in the country with swamps of modeling offers that will forever change her life.  bread seller2