Hope, Who Was Rescued By Aid Worker Scheduled For A Surgery


Anja Ringgren Lovén has shared more updates on the little boy, Hope who she rescued. Hope was abandoned by his parents because they thought he was a witch. The little boy was wandering around the street when Lovén found him and took him to her care. She named him Hope. According to Lovén, Hope has a medical condition called Urethral meatus which requires a surgery for treatment. He has been scheduled for the surgery next week. Lovén said:

“This is an operation the doctors have performed many times, so Hope will be very fine. As you can see on the pictures Hope is really enjoying his life now having 35 new brothers and sisters who ALL take such good care of him, play with him, study with him, and make sure he is safe and is getting a lot of love.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with little Hope.

Hope1 Hope3