Eleven Year Old Entrepreneur Succeeding In Bee Business

At only 11 years old, Mikaila Ulmer has become an all in one achiever doing a bee business, social entrepreneur, public speaking, and philanthropy. Ulmer is a sixth grader from Austin, Texas, that owns “Me & The Bees” lemonade business using a recipe her great-grandmother developed in 1940. According to the NBC article reporting the story, Ulmer expanded her business after securing a $60,000 on the TV show “Shark Tank,” last year. Her lemonade now sells in over 55 Whole Food stores in the United States, including in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida.

In an interview, Ulmer shares how she balances business and school.

“I work on the business after school, after I do my homework, and on weekends and during spring breaks, she said.” “There are not too many times when I feel stressed.”

Ulmer has not always had fun experience with bees. She said she was stung by two bees in one week. “It was painful, she said. I was terrified of bees.”

When Ulmer started making lemonade from her great-grand mother’s recipe, she decided to sweeten it with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweetener. Ulmer donates a portion of her profit to local and international organizations involved in saving the bees. She is also engaged in spreading the word on the benefits of social entrepreneurship.

Ulmer’s story is receiving wide recognition around the world. She met with President Barack Obama in 2015 during her visit to the White House Kid’s State Dinner. She also travels around the world giving speeches on social entrepreneurship and empowering young girls.


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