Chinese Detergent Ad Called Out For Blatant Racism


A Chinese laundry detergent ad has sparked outrage for what many social media users have labelled “blatant racism”. Qiaobi laundry detergent ran an ad that appeared on movies and television, featuring an Asian woman shoving detergent into the mouth of a black man and pushing him into a washing machine to clean up.

The video starts with a woman preparing to do laundry:

Chinese ad-main pageA black man standing by the door stares and winks flirtatiously at her:

chinese ad-black man staresShe turns around and sees the black man with a paint stained face, wearing a stained white shirt:

chinese ad-turns to look

The woman responds and prompts him to come closer:

chinese ad-woman invtes himShe pretends she wants to kiss him:

chinee ad-woman pretends to kissBut instead shoves detergent in his mouth:

chinese ad-shoves detergentAnd pushes him headfirst into a washing machine:

chinese ad-put in the machineAfter a quick wash, a light skinned Asian man wearing a clean white shirt emerges from the machine and winks at the woman who responds with a beaming smile:

chinese ad-white asian manSeveral social media users have criticized the advert for blatant racism. The ad has raised concerns about racial stereotyping in China.