Niger Delta Avengers Claim Responsibility For Chevron Oil Well Attack


The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) are staying true to their promise to destroy more oil wells in the area. The latest attack on Chevron oil wells on Wednesday add to the spate of attack meted out by the group recently. Despite increased military presence and heightened security in the region, the group has continued with their plan to cripple the oil industry in Nigeria, if their demands are not met.

The attack took place in Warri North Local Government Area of the State early Wednesday morning, and unconfirmed report suggest that the bombed oil well RMP 23 and RMP 24 have high production capacity. NDA claimed responsibility for the attack few hours after it occurred. The claim was disseminated via the group’s Twitter social media platform and has a retweet of 1.2k times. In the first tweet after the attack, the group claimed victory for the attack while mocking the thwarted federal government’s military effort to curtail attacks in the region:



NDA3It is not clear if the attack on Chevron’s oil well is the warned “big” attack the group made earlier in the week. The group tweeted on May 27th that “Something Big is About to Happen.”

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