The Wave Of Nigerian Military Brutality


It is no longer news that the Nigerian military invaded several communities in the Niger Delta area following the repeated bombing of pipelines and oil well facilities. In reality and shamefully, what should have been a police operation became a military offensive. The mindset of military dictatorship has continued in Nigeria and it seems from its heights in our democracy during the Obasanjo era, down in the Yaradua and Jonathan era, but up again in the current Buhari’s administration. The invasion of Oparoza community in Gbaramatu reminds us of that of Odi and Zaki Ibiam.

The reckless massacre by the Joint Task Force (JTF) made up of military and police, of Southeastern youths during their Biafra Day celebrations and that of Zaria massacre reminds one of a medieval era security approach. The peoples of Gbaramatu, of Onitsha, and of Zaria where these heinous killings have happened should and must take their cases to the International Criminal Court. Nigerians must say NO to the military shooting of unarmed citizens in Nigeria.