Tragedy Of Dry Drowning:10 year-old Boy Who Drowned While Sleeping In 2008


The sad story of a 10-year old boy that drowned after going for a swim has resurfaced online. The initial broadcast of the story occurred in 2008, but it is a good reminder for parents this coming summer months to be careful and protect their children from this potential risk. Johnny died at home more than an hour after walking home from swimming and telling his mom that he was feeling weak. He went to sleep after complaining of weakness. The tragedy is a reminder that drowning does not only occur in water, it can happen after swimming.

Johnny’s mother Cassandra Jackson, told NBC news that “I’ve never known a child could walk around, talk, speak and their lungs be filled with water.”

Dry and secondary drowning may occur when water gets deposited in the lungs, causing airways to shut-off. Symptoms may include tiredness, excessive coughing, paleness, and vomiting.