Qualified Or Not? Buhari and “The WAEC Certificate” Saga


At the conclusion of the national election that ushered Mr. Muhammadu Buhari as president, everyone thought the last had been heard of Buhari’s WAEC Certificate. Recall, Mr. President’s certificate was an issue before the general election as he alleged that the armed forces had his certificate. All Nigerians know that if it was not because of Muhammadu Buhari’s antecedents as former military head of state, he would never have been cleared to contest. It may be appropriate for Nigerians to assume that INEC cleared him on personal recognition and gave him the benefit of doubt.

Let us assume the Armed forces did not release his certificate as he claimed because he was in the opposition, however, he is no longer in the opposition and is actually the president and commander in chief of the armed forces, so should be able to order that it be released. The president is not operating from a high moral ground if he continues to use legal means through the courts to deny Nigerians access to his WAEC certificate.

Imagine for moment a scenario where a poor or regular Nigerian claimed his/her certificate was in the possession of the National Youth Service Corp or his/her School and was given a benefit of doubt to get a job he/she was seeking. Then, on getting the job a case that was instituted by an interested party to have the certificate released is vehemently opposed by the new employee. The obvious reaction will be that the new employee will be seen as dishonest, corrupt, and will probably be terminated from the job. Mr. President, please release your WAEC certificate and shame the doubters.