Corrupt-free Nigeria: PMB Must Lead By Example

His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) was supposedly elected for his acclaimed impeccable honesty and incorruptibility, however, this is questionable if the president is unable to clarify the following:

– Where is his certificate for the Cambridge (WASC equivalent)?

– If he claims he completed secondary school & took the exams then he should shame the doubters and release his certificate otherwise it will be considered as fraudulent and corrupt

– The $2.8 billion NNPC fund that disappeared in 1977/78 must be cleared. Since Mr. President supervised NNPC funds as the petroleum minister, and it is alleged he deposed Shagari because of that, he should clear the air or else it will be considered as fraudulent

– Regarding “The Abacha loot,” PMB claimed former head of state Sani Abacha did not steal, but he is now asking the Western nations to return the loot. Was Buhari covering corruption?

– So far, PMB has side stepped a larger chunk of the Southsouth, Southeast, and the Southwest in his appointments. Some have called this Nepotism. Is nepotism a form of corruption?

– His excellency failed to respond in the Fulani herdsmen killings. Several innocent citizens including hardworking farmers, lost their lives. Is this corruption?

– He claims no APC governor or government has been corrupt. Is this a biased claim?

– Recently, Aisha Buhari the First Lady was listed as benefitting from the Halliburton fraud. It was denied, but can she visit the US to shame doubters?

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