10 Rules To Achieve A “Spick-and- Span” Home

Many will admit that they struggle to keep a clean home, especially when those precious little kiddos come into their lives. The good news is that there is a solution guaranteed to permanently solve this problem forever, and this is called “Clean As You Go” (CAYG). I will explain shortly what this method entails. Employing the CAYG method guarantees a permanently clean and safe home and controls the spread of illness-causing germs in the home environment.

Remember the saying, cleanliness is next to Godliness? Keep a clean home and you will be sure to breath better, think better, and relax better.

What is CAYG method? CAYG is cleaning on-demand that requires the clean-up of messes as soon as they occur. Below are the ten guides to achieving CAYG.

  1. Clean-up immediately after a mess.

Don’t wait, clean it up as quickly as possible.

  1. Never run out of cleaning supplies.

Don’t get caught up in the excuse of “I ran out of supply, so I can’t clean-up right now.”

  1. Develop and maintain a cleaning routine.

Yes, make a clear cleaning plan. Wash your dishes immediately after use or put them away in the dishwasher. Don’t pile your laundry, those stinky sweaty clothes can have damaging effects on your olfactory cells.

  1. Make your children your cleaning “buddies Not burden.”

Don’t give the common mom and dad excuse that “the kids messed up the house.” Make them clean up their messes. If they can make a choice of sandwich or ask for their favorite meal, they are ready for cleaning. Put those little hands to use. Don’t underestimate them.

  1. Clean up after yourself.

If everyone in the family commits to cleaning up after him/herself, the home will be a “better place”. Don’t wait for the cleaning lady to come before the spilled cereal is cleaned up.

  1. Dress your bed when you wake up Not before you lay on them at night.

The journey to a clean home begins in your bedroom. Don’t leave the room for the day without dressing your bed. After you dress your bed, turn around and admire the clean, fresh look, it helps to get the day started.

  1. Clean your sink after brushing.

Are you done with brushing? Hurry, clean off that toothpaste mess immediately before it dries up. After that, get a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe off splattered water around the sink. The sink should be clean and dry for next use.

  1. No, No, No, don’t drop that “shirt” on the floor after use.

There are only two places a worn cloth should go- in the laundry basket if it’s ready for a wash or hang it up to air-dry the stinky sweat odor.

  1. Wear only clean shoes inside the house.

If you must wear your shoes inside the house, make sure they are clean. Keep your dirty shoes outside, or better still, clean them up.


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