“Homemade” Bomb Blows Off Student’s Foot In New York

In today’s explosion that occurred in Central Park, New York, United States, the New York Police Department (NYPD) is still investigating the plot surrounding the explosion of “homemade” bomb that blew off the leg foot of a College student, Connor Golden, 18. Two of Golden’s friend, Thomas Hinds and Matthew Stabile, who were with him claim they didn’t have any explosives or fireworks with them. It was reported that the two students appeared devastated by the blast that blew of their friend’s leg.

The World is increasingly becoming an unrestful place with the spate of bomb blasts around the world. The incessant bomb blasts in Nigeria, Turkey, Baghdad and all around the world has become the order of the day. In the recent terror attack in Baghdad, over 100 died and several others injured.

The situation in New York is still under investigation as authorities want to learn if the explosion is fireworks, since July 4th celebration with fireworks is already going on.


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