10 Things Men Shouldn’t Assume (When it comes to Women)

10 Things Men Shouldn’t Assume (When it comes to Women)
1.      Never assume because you have a woman over for a drink at your place that she’ll like to have sex with you immediately after. She may only be looking to have somebody mature enough to chat with.
2.      Never assume because she is standing next to you in the lift wearing a slip of blouse that accentuates her breasts that she’s meaning to get laid by any fellow as cool as you.
3.      Never assume because your female colleague pokes you in the ribs over your jokes that she’d be an easy lay – or that her hubby barely titillates her in all the right places.
4.      Never assume because she lets you grind your crotch against her on the dimly lit dance floor that she’s sharing your kind of fantasy of both of you lying naked in bed.
5.      Never assume because she laughs too unabashedly that she is the type of woman any guy can lure into bed within a blink of an eye.
6.      Never assume because she acts rather too reticent that she’s merely affecting a hide-and-seek to get you coming after her.
7.      Never assume because you see a group of girls drinking coolly by themselves that they’ve something against men – they are queer by all means.
8.      Never assume that the charming woman staring across the room is making a pass at you, for she just might be figuring out the shape of your head.
9.      Never assume because you’re fond of sneaking a few banknotes in the palm of the teenage girl who often serves you drinks at your favorite bar that she’ll come rushing over to your crib once you ask.
10.  Never assume because a girl likes to Facebook or Instagram a photo of her in a slinky bikini that she is baring her flesh invitingly for men only.