Enough Suffering: NERC’s Plan To Increase Electricity Tariff A Callous Move?


It is ridiculous that the peace of the court had to be disturbed by this unreasonable agenda by the National Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) to increase electricity tariff. The people are suffering, electricity supply is at the lowest point and NERC thinks it’s the right time to increase tariff?- this is ridiculous to say the least.

Many households in Nigeria are thrown into darkness day after day, from one administration to the next, who come up with bogus excuses for not fixing the problem, and the people are expected to bear the brunt for the inefficiency of the government. This is the same country where a few wicked, corrupt individuals and government officials elected to lead us loot billions of dollars in tax payer’s money shamelessly.

Enough is enough, Nigerians are now demanding accountability. The government must stop lame excuses and fix the crippling electricity condition in the country. There is no excuse for a  country as abundantly endowed (human and natural resources) as Nigeria to be in this shameful situation with power supply…period.

Now the Judge’s ruling…

A Federal High Court in Lagos ruled on Wednesday that the hike in electricity tariff by NERC is illegal. The judgement was delivered by Justice Mohammed Idris who presided over the case brought by Toluwani Yemi Adebiyi and others.

Adebiyi filed a suit against NERC, challenging the increase in electricity tariff which was not accompanied with increase in power supply. The judge ruled that “NERC acted outside the powers conferred on it by the Act and failed to follow the prescribed procedure.”

Commenting on the case, Jude Idris said: “This country is in a democracy where the rule of law shall prevail over impunity or whimsical desires. Anything to the contrary will be an invitation to anarchy.

“It is the law that what is done officially must be done in accordance to the law. Investors are free to do business in Nigeria but they shall abide by the law of this country.

“Nigeria is not a kangaroo state. Nigeria is not a banana republic. It is intolerance and extremely dangerous for any branch of the executive to create a posture that it may not obey certain orders of the court. That is tantamount to executive recklessness which will lead to lawlessness.”

We need more Adebiyis’ to stand up for injustice, ruthlessness, and a culture of impunity that has eaten deep into the moral fabrics of our dear nation.