Chaos In Europe


The last few weeks in Europe has been fraught with upheaval. A few of the major events include the shocking Brexit vote, followed by the continuing terror attacks in France and Belgium. Just yesterday, there was a deadly carnage resulting in the death of 84 people with over 200 people injured in Nice, France. This recent terror attack was carried out by a lone truck driver who plowed through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city. There are reports that the driver fired shots while bulldozing people with the truck.

The wave of turbulence in Europe showing no end in sight continued today with a military coup in Turkey. Turkey, the only Muslim nation in the EU has for long been involved in collateral war coming from a spillover from Syria. The streets of Istanbul and Ankara boiling over in turmoil with the military and police fighting over control of airports, radio, and TV stations.

European leaders have to rise up as a matter of urgency to nip this spiraling violence, carnage, and chaos in the bud. This is very important because of potential copycats in parts of Africa such as Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Egypt, with serious emerging threats.