Tracking APC’s Manifesto: Have Millions Of Nigerians Been Misled?

The leading political party in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress party (APC) manifesto details specific aims and objectives for the first term in office. It is now a little over one year since APC came to power, but so far, the economy and social conditions in the country have degenerated.

The APC manifesto is summarized below. These are the promises of the leading party during the first term in office. Has APC failed, or is it too early to judge? Let’s examine the progress so far to keep these politicians on check.

Each of the APC’s promise is followed by pressing questions Nigerians are asking:

  1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: A promised 3 million jobs a year

Question: APC, where are the jobs? The country has recorded massive job losses especially in the private sector.

2. Security: Improve security conditions in the country 

Question: APC, is the country safer? Where is the safe haven, given the rise in Fulani herdsmen killings, the Boko Haram terrorists killings and the Niger Delta bombings that are out of control.

3. Corruption: Zero tolerance for corruption

Question: APC, are all corruption equal? Eradicating corruption is the mantra of this administration but Nigerians have also seen that only individuals in opposing party have been the target. Moreover, Nigerians are yet to be informed what the administration is using the recovered looted funds for.

4. Youth: Supporting youth development plans including loans for students.  

Question: APC, are Nigerian youths not ravishing in poverty and hopelessness? The youth continue to suffer from unemployment. Crimes, including kidnapping, robbery, and fraud have skyrocketed.

5. Education: A promise of free education and free meal plans for primary school children.  

Question: APC, what is the status of public education in Nigeria? The Nigerian public education system has collapsed. Unlike in the past, more and more people are looking to private schooling for their children, hence the unprecedented rise in private schools in Nigeria.

6. Poverty: A failed promise to “direct conditional monthly social security payment for 25 million of the poorest Nigerians.” 

Question: APC, where is the promised payment to poor Nigerians? The anguish of poverty has hit a record high in the past one year. Nigerians have witnessed rise in food prices, massive employment lay-offs, and unfavorable business climate. The economic and monetary conditions in the country has led to the closing of several domestic and multi-national businesses. The most recent being the departure of United Airline, Iberia airline, and other foreign businesses that closed their operations in Nigeria due to unfavorable monetary policies.

7. Health: Provision of free health care centers and drugs. 

Question: Poor Nigerians who can’t afford quality health care are dying of treatable, preventable diseases, yet the president had the mind to fly out of Nigeria to get treated for an ear infection.

8. Federalism: A failed promise to “create a more equitable distribution of national revenue to the States and local governments.”  

Question: APC, is the sharing formula equitable? Nigerians have witnessed gross practice of nepotism in government appointments since the current administration took over power. Fairness begins with the treatment of every Nigeria irrespective of religion, ethnicity, or political affiliations equally. Nigerians have also not seen any form of transparency in the allocation of revenues across states.

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