Video Exposes Fulani Herdsmen Trespassing On Private Property


There is still growing tension between Fulani herdsmen and private property owners. Unfortunately President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been silent on this herdsmen issue that has taken hundreds of lives in the country.

This video posted by a Facebook user details yet another encounter between a Fulani Herdsman and property owners in a village in Enugu State. In the video, the property owner is heard warning the herdsman to stop trespassing on his property.

The property owner is heard asking the herdsman:

“This one na bush”? Why now, you carry am enter for person house. Oga wan commot, oga no fit commot for him house again. Because of cow, oga no fit commot for him house.”

The herdsman said (inaudible) something that sounded like he was explaining that the cows were just passing by. But the angry property owner continued to express his frustration.

Someone was also heard asking “why you dey carry this thing dey enter inside my compound? See my farm, see as the thing dey destroy am. See my farm, see as the thing dey destroy am. You don enter my farm abi? You don enter my farm? No wahala, we go see am.”

It’s not clear in the video if the herdsman was apologetic during the conversation, but he was seen casually guiding the cow and not responding much to the complainant(s).