Budget Padding: Is APC Apology Enough?


The leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party has apologized to Nigerians for the on-going budget padding scandal that has plagued the self proclaimed corrupt-free party since its victory as the majority party in Nigeria. Though some form of apology has come through, the APC led administration is yet to take full responsibility for the budget scandal which exposed the systematic corrupt practices that enrich the political elite in the country.

The budget padding scandal is a national shame which should have been immediately addressed when it was exposed, rather Nigerians were entertained by the drama of counter accusations between the ex-Chairman of the Appropriation Committee, Hon. Jubrin Abdumumini (APC) and the leadership of the House of Representative led by the Speaker, Hon. Yakubu Dogara (APC).

According to ThisDay report, the Deputy National Chairman of the party, Chief Segun Oni issued an apology for the  lack of management of the issue by the party leaders. He provided rationale for the delay in response, stating that the party was aiming at doing the right thing and overly focused on pleasing everybody.

“There are things the party should do and there are positions the party should take to make things right. I personally, and in my personal opinion, think we were being too conscious, we always want to be right, to take the right position.

“But I think that what we should do as a party, most of the time, is to take a firm position even if some people consider it a mistake. But if it is a firm position, that is our position.

“I think we should be doing more of that and if we are doing more of that, we will be able to correct a few things, because as we are trying to ensure that everybody is happy and satisfied, virtually nobody is happy at the end of the day. So I think we have to change that style.

“On the National Assembly crisis, we are looking at it, and like I said, once we agree we would debate and take a firm position and that will be our position,” he said.

Regardless of the different interpretations provided by the warring APC House members, the Executive, and the Party on the other hand for the padding, insertion, distortion, or shuffling of the budget, it is corruption and must be called what it is. Nigerians have demanded for accountability and for the administration to take full responsibility for the shameful budget padding. Unfortunately, the Party apology may be an empty one if no one accepts responsibility and quickly address this prolonged issue.