“Change Begins With Me” And Not The Buhari Government


The new fad in Nigeria to check the recession is “Change begins with me.” Our president, Muhammadu Buhari said recently during an event to launch “Change begins with me,” that “before you ask, ‘where is the change they promised us,’ you must first ask, ‘how far have I changed my ways?” Those Nigerians who voted for this Buhari government did so because somehow they felt he would bring the “CHANGE” his party, the APC promised during the campaign.

Without belaboring readers with every single promise put forward by APC during campaign, the following are some of the promised change Nigerians are desperately waiting for:

  1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: A promised 3 million jobs a year, but more jobs lost than created.
  2. Security: Improve security conditions in the country, Fulani herdsmen still killing.
  3. Corruption: Zero tolerance for corruption, one-sided. How was APC campaign funded?
  4. Youth: Supporting youth development plans including loans for students. Has not happened.
  5. Education: A promise of free education and free meal plans for primary school children. No free education yet.
  6. Poverty: A failed promise to “direct conditional monthly social security payment for 25 million of the poorest Nigerians.” 
  7. Health: Provision of free health care centers and drugs. When will it happen?
  8. Federalism: A failed promise to “create a more equitable distribution of national revenue to the States and local governments.”

Nigerians should then ask President Buhari and his government, have you changed and what has these unfulfilled promises got to do with “change begins with me?” Perhaps it is a ploy to switch the blame from Goodluck Jonathan to Nigerians, meaning if you have not changed and you’re feeling the economic crunch, blame yourself.