Bad Economy In Nigeria? Blame PDP And Past Administrations Buhari Says


President Muhammadu Buhari has washed his hands off any blame for the economic hardship in the country as he announced to the country yet again that the past administrations left “nothing” behind for him to work with. The President issued a disclaimer after attending Eid prayers in Kaduna yesterday: ”I want Nigerians to realize that what this government inherited after 16 years of PDP government was no savings, no infrastructure, no power, no rail, no road and no security.”

For the citizens still wondering who to cast blame on for the current hardship in Nigeria, look no further. The President says, blame it on the past administrations. The blame used to be cast solely on the immediate past administration, Jonathan Goodluck, but Olusegun Obasanjo who has for the most part enjoyed the goodwill of the President has now been added to the “guilty team.”