US Presidential Debate Update-Trump Vs Clinton


The US Presidential debate between the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is going on right now. The moderator asked about the release of Trump’s tax return: Does the public have a right to know (referring to Trump’s tax returns)? Trump tried to evade the question by changing the subject to Hillary’s private email. Trump said, “I will release my tax returns when Hillary releases her deleted emails.” Trump said this will be against his lawyer’s recommendation, who prefers that he doesn’t release the tax return to the public. Clinton hit back and said for 30 years every Presidential candidate has released their tax return. Clinton proposed some of the reasons why Trump has refused to release his tax return. She said may be he is not as rich as he claims to be. Maybe he is not as charitable as he projects to be. Maybe he is owing a lot of money. Or “maybe he doesn’t want the American people to know that he’s paying nothing in taxes.” Clinton said “American people deserve to see it (tax return), but it could be that there is something he is hiding.”