Dapchi Girl’s Abduction: Several Unanswered Questions


The debate about the recent abduction and release of 110 Dapchi female students from a Federal institution is still ongoing. The vital question here is whether it is real as APC & Buhari’s government claims or a show as claimed by the opposition party, PDP and government critics.

Here is a synopsis of what transpired:

  • The girls were carefully abducted. First, it was reported there were gun shots. Students who were then eating reportedly started running, some students reportedly said teachers were present.
  • Soon appeared the Boko Haram kidnappers claiming to be soldiers told the girls they were there to protect them.
  • In an organized manner, the students were checked into the 3 vehicles and were hauled away. It must have taken time to check 110 students one after another into these trucks. Right?
  • The trucks then took off and though students have not neither has anyone said how long they travelled, it must have taken minutes, then hours for all the huge trucks to meander through the roads to where they were allegedly held captive, still no one saw these trucks, not even our security agencies could track them. [‘adToAppearHere’]

Release of the girls

  • On the release and return, they where reported to have been flown in 3 different groups, in 3 airplanes or 3 flights.
  • Then they were moved in boats and finally trucks. Even one of the trucks reportedly had flat tire at some point and the kidnappers had time to change tire as usual without any fears whatsoever.
  • The abductors, Boko Haram continued the journey still without worries. They drove into Dapchi and were welcomed with joy. They were cheered as the videos show and they also left been hailed. No arrests were made. Well, it was reported that some conditions were stipulated by Boko Haram kidnappers in the negotiation with the Buhari administration. Hence, the security forces may have been warned to stay off.
  • Final word, for this to happen it is either the Bokoharamists have infiltrated our agencies or our security agencies are weak, or perhaps the government is not being transparent with the citizens.

ZaaPost will leave readers to come to their conclusions.