NASS Bribery: Ghana Must Go Bags versus $50,000 in Obj versus PMB


The national assembly (NASS) has always been courted by suitors wanting to bring to bear their agenda in law making. In the current political dispensation of this republic we are learning of a new bid that is gearing to equal the famous “Obj third term Ghana must go bags of cash.” News coming from the NASS reports that the senate is investigating an alleged bribery of senators and congress members by the executive to truncate the bill on electoral matter that includes reordering of the election schedule.

Though there was an attempt by the NASS to investigate during the Obasanjo era nothing much was heard till after Obj’s tenure. We have to wait and see if anything will come off this investigation, perhaps the presidency should also assign their part of the investigation to Mr. Osinbanjo who is by now an expert in investigating corruption in this administration.