CIA Declassified Memo: Nigeria-US Relations 1976


The United States Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) declassified memo dated, April 8, 1976 discusses US-Nigeria tension. The document titled “Nigeria’s Request that Secretary Kissinger’s Visit Be Postponed,” stated that Nigeria ambassador requested that US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger’s planned visit to Nigeria during his Africa trip be postponed to a later date. The ambassador said the security situation in Lagos and the expected “treason trial” may cause some turmoil during the period of his visit. The ambassador also said Nigeria looked forward to the visit which was expected to improve US-Nigeria relations.

The document mentioned that there was no evidence that Nigeria deliberately shunned the US, despite reports at the time that the “regime has allowed the Nigerian press to castigate the US” over some issues, including the alleged involvement of the CIA in Nigeria’s February 13, 1976 abortive military coup against General Murtala Mohammed’s regime.

The full memo is below: