“Destruction”, The Worst Type of Corruption


Nigeria as a country has not been able to progress to nationhood and realize all the inherent potentials based on available human and natural resources. The factors responsible for this are several like every other thing in life and the big ones are ethnicism, lack of belief in project Nigeria, nepotism, fraud, and recent ethnoreligious cleansing.

The Latin root of the word corruption “corrumpere” is linked to these 3 words: mar, bribe, and destroy. Out of the 3, destruction from destroy is the worst, especially when it has to do with human life.

In the last 3 going to 4 years of this second coming of Buhari, Nigeria has witnessed the greatest destruction of human life except for during the civil war. Nepotism has been at its worst and Nigerians have never been this divided. As Nigeria goes into elections, let everyone consider that this current administration has actually been the most corrupt ever.
Buhari and APC have increased the rates of the following:

  • Death of Nigerians
  • Destruction of property
  • Nepotism
  • Dehumanization through unemployment
  • Abuse of power
  • Divisiveness
  • Ethnoreligious mistrust

Finally, ask yourselves is your life better? In the rich Savannah and plains of the north, the beautiful rainforest of the southeast, southwest and south-south and the exciting peaks and valleys of the middle-belt have we not had more deaths, unemployment and fear?