Sowore, Is A Good Candidate, But Here Is Why “I Now Support Atiku”

Opinion Piece by Ebuka Emekwue:

I still maintain that Sowore is the best candidate for president even though I now support Atiku simply because Sowore doesn’t stand a good chance of winning at this time due to low level of political awareness in Nigeria. It would be unwise to divide the votes that should be meant to oust this inept president that has brought hardship and suffering. Also due to the political voting psychology in Nigeria, it’s imperative to make sure that a person filled with life, less tribalistic, less insensitive, less inert, more tolerant and more conscious assumes the seat as a president.

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about Sowore but I will let out the little I’m sure about his personality:

  • Some say his emergence as president would encourage cultism in Nigeria but this is just a cheap propaganda by the APC or elements of the APC to confuse the ill informed and cannot be substantiated with any fact because the real truth was that Sowore strongly advocated against cultism and corruption during which he almost got killed.
  • He doesn’t know anything about governance: You would be amazed that Sowore not only knows about governance but he knows Nigeria more than any politician contesting right now and this is evident in his brilliant and distinct manifesto. His manifesto was able to recognise with solutions root issues stagnating Nigeria’s growth, for example the poor educated youth and poor economy in the North to mention a few.
  • He is a rascal and will bring chaos: We actually need a rascal with a purpose and Sowore is such rascal in my opinion. Someone that would frown at any form of corruption and will appoint those that are neutral, determined to fighting corruption and respects the rule of law irrespective of tribe and religion. Again, in his manifesto there are definitive and practicable blueprint on how he intends to fight corruption like constitutionally push for ban from politics of convicted corrupt politicians and strip them of their national honours. Today we have many convicted politicians and politicians on trial running the affairs of the country boldly and proudly, in many countries politicians resign from their post when they are found wanting.
  • He doesn’t respect elders:  The thing to understand, Sowore is not afraid of any politician, he doesn’t owe any of them money, he is not getting support from any of the politicians. He doesn’t respect them because of the way and manner they loot this country and we say he doesn’t respect his elders because we are oblivious and ignorant to the corruption around us and in some cases we even applaud this corrupt politicians. We can not as a society be accustomed to corruption and corrupt politicians, this is dangerous to our growth and is already affecting our perception around the world. What Sowore is doing is simply to challenge the status quo, to demand for a better Nigeria. By the way, what respect does these elders deserve with the way they loot this country? Sowore is brave for daring to expose corrupt politicians other journalist could not for fear of being persecuted.

Sowore’s manifesto is precise, it addresses the issues in Nigeria and he is the only person running with the character to effect the needed change. I implore everyone to read it to understand what Nigeria truly needs and the kind of leaders it deserves and maybe next time out Sowore or someone like him will stand a chance….