Is INEC Maltreating Youth Corpers?

A youth corper posted a picture on Facebook depicting their plight in the name of helping with elections. They allege that their training allowance was not paid by INEC. Are the youths still being empowered under this administration? 

Esther Banda posted: 

This was where we slept (CORPERS), outside at the INEC office in IZI LGA of Ebonyi State, the cold was something else some slept while sitting, some slept on suck away

The most painful thing is that the training allowance was not paid and the election has been postponed. NIGERIA NIGERIA NIGERIA!!!!!

Buhari Says He’s Disappointed INEC Postponed Election. Who is to Blame?

President Buhari questions INEC’s decision to postponed election to February 23 on Election Day. He said he’s disappointed at the decision. Nigerians are reacting to this and wondering who is to blame?

He wrote:

I am deeply disappointed that despite the long notice given and our preparations both locally and internationally, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) postponed the Presidential and National Assembly elections within hours of its commencement.

Many Nigerians have traveled to various locations to exercise their right to vote, and international observers are gathered.

INEC themselves have given assurances, day after day and almost hour after hour that they are in complete readiness for the elections. We and all our citizens believed them.

This administration has ensured that we do not interfere in any way with the work of INEC except to ensure that all funds were released to the commission.

We now urge INEC to ensure not only that materials already distributed are safe and do not get into wrong hands, but that everything is done to avoid the lapses that resulted in this unfortunate postponement, and ensure a free and fair election on the rescheduled dates.

While I reaffirm my strong commitment to the independence, neutrality of the electoral umpire and the sanctity of the electoral process and ballot, I urge all political stakeholders and Nigerians to continue to rally round INEC at this trying national moment in our democratic journey.

I, therefore, appeal to all Nigerians to refrain from all civil disorder and remain peaceful, patriotic and united to ensure that no force or conspiracy derail our democratic development.

I have decided to move back to Abuja to ensure that the 14.00 hrs meeting called by INEC with all stakeholders is successful.

Muhammadu Buhari
Daura, February 16, 2019

Sowore, Is A Good Candidate, But Here Is Why “I Now Support Atiku”

Opinion Piece by Ebuka Emekwue:

I still maintain that Sowore is the best candidate for president even though I now support Atiku simply because Sowore doesn’t stand a good chance of winning at this time due to low level of political awareness in Nigeria. It would be unwise to divide the votes that should be meant to oust this inept president that has brought hardship and suffering. Also due to the political voting psychology in Nigeria, it’s imperative to make sure that a person filled with life, less tribalistic, less insensitive, less inert, more tolerant and more conscious assumes the seat as a president.

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about Sowore but I will let out the little I’m sure about his personality:

  • Some say his emergence as president would encourage cultism in Nigeria but this is just a cheap propaganda by the APC or elements of the APC to confuse the ill informed and cannot be substantiated with any fact because the real truth was that Sowore strongly advocated against cultism and corruption during which he almost got killed.
  • He doesn’t know anything about governance: You would be amazed that Sowore not only knows about governance but he knows Nigeria more than any politician contesting right now and this is evident in his brilliant and distinct manifesto. His manifesto was able to recognise with solutions root issues stagnating Nigeria’s growth, for example the poor educated youth and poor economy in the North to mention a few.
  • He is a rascal and will bring chaos: We actually need a rascal with a purpose and Sowore is such rascal in my opinion. Someone that would frown at any form of corruption and will appoint those that are neutral, determined to fighting corruption and respects the rule of law irrespective of tribe and religion. Again, in his manifesto there are definitive and practicable blueprint on how he intends to fight corruption like constitutionally push for ban from politics of convicted corrupt politicians and strip them of their national honours. Today we have many convicted politicians and politicians on trial running the affairs of the country boldly and proudly, in many countries politicians resign from their post when they are found wanting.
  • He doesn’t respect elders:  The thing to understand, Sowore is not afraid of any politician, he doesn’t owe any of them money, he is not getting support from any of the politicians. He doesn’t respect them because of the way and manner they loot this country and we say he doesn’t respect his elders because we are oblivious and ignorant to the corruption around us and in some cases we even applaud this corrupt politicians. We can not as a society be accustomed to corruption and corrupt politicians, this is dangerous to our growth and is already affecting our perception around the world. What Sowore is doing is simply to challenge the status quo, to demand for a better Nigeria. By the way, what respect does these elders deserve with the way they loot this country? Sowore is brave for daring to expose corrupt politicians other journalist could not for fear of being persecuted.

Sowore’s manifesto is precise, it addresses the issues in Nigeria and he is the only person running with the character to effect the needed change. I implore everyone to read it to understand what Nigeria truly needs and the kind of leaders it deserves and maybe next time out Sowore or someone like him will stand a chance….

“Destruction”, The Worst Type of Corruption

Nigeria as a country has not been able to progress to nationhood and realize all the inherent potentials based on available human and natural resources. The factors responsible for this are several like every other thing in life and the big ones are ethnicism, lack of belief in project Nigeria, nepotism, fraud, and recent ethnoreligious cleansing.

The Latin root of the word corruption “corrumpere” is linked to these 3 words: mar, bribe, and destroy. Out of the 3, destruction from destroy is the worst, especially when it has to do with human life.

In the last 3 going to 4 years of this second coming of Buhari, Nigeria has witnessed the greatest destruction of human life except for during the civil war. Nepotism has been at its worst and Nigerians have never been this divided. As Nigeria goes into elections, let everyone consider that this current administration has actually been the most corrupt ever.
Buhari and APC have increased the rates of the following:

  • Death of Nigerians
  • Destruction of property
  • Nepotism
  • Dehumanization through unemployment
  • Abuse of power
  • Divisiveness
  • Ethnoreligious mistrust

Finally, ask yourselves is your life better? In the rich Savannah and plains of the north, the beautiful rainforest of the southeast, southwest and south-south and the exciting peaks and valleys of the middle-belt have we not had more deaths, unemployment and fear?


CIA Declassified Information: Buhari’s Nepotism and Appointment Pattern, Past and Present Administration

A CIA declassified document originally published in February 1984 sheds light on past practices of Buhari’s 1983-1985 regime. The document, titled: Nigeria: Six-Month Outlook for The Buhari Regime, was declassified in 2012 and provides information on Buhari’s administration after he took over from the democratically elected civilian ruler Shehu Shagari in a military coup. With the new Buhari’s regime in 1983, there was little hope that the administration was capable of overcoming the political and economic challenges facing the country. Some of the concerns raised by the report are highlighted below and compared to the concerns of his current administration: [adToAppearHere]


  • Delay in cabinet appointment: the CIA report mentions that there was a delay in appointing Cabinet positions and outlining key policies. The delay was partly attributed to the inability of the Buhari’s administration to recruit civilians willing to serve. According to the document, “the delay in naming a Cabinet and outlining policies reflects the government’s difficulty in finding capable civilians willing to serve in the new government, as well as likely differences of opinion and jockeying for position among key senior officers.” Buhari’s current administration also faced similar criticism after he was democratically elected in 2015. It took President Buhari almost six months to appoint key cabinet positions, which many criticized him as being disorganized and unprepared to lead in a democratic state. [adToAppearHere]
  • Inexperienced/unqualified appointees: Buhari was accused of hiring people without the right qualifications for the job. It was stated that the “US Embassy reports that most civilian members of the new Cabinet appear ill-suited by background and experience to their assignment.” This is also one of the greatest criticism of the current Buhari’s administration. An example of a lopsided appointment that was highly criticized is the appointment of Hameed Ali, a retired Nigerian Army Colonel as the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service.
  • Nepotism: This is by far the greatest criticism faced by Buhari’s current administration, which the CIA document reveals was the practice in his past administration that threatened national unity. The document reveals that “while the new regime has tried to ensure a relatively representative balance among major ethnic groups, regions, and military services in making high-level appointments, senior officers of northern, Muslim Hausa-Fulani origin appear to dominate the Supreme Military Council and top Army positions.”

The CIA report stated that if the government had the interest to foster national unity, it must “shuffle some appointees,” in order to achieve “a more acceptable ethnic and regional mix.” This also captures the current sentiment. Many critics and supporters have called on Buhari to reshuffle his executive cabinet, ministerial appointees, his defense team, to reflect the rich diversity of the country and to foster national unity. President Buhari is yet to heed to those demands made during his past administration as well as the current administration.

“The Fear of Atiku is the beginning of wisdom” -Regina Askia

Former Nollywood star and political activist, Regina Askia says No to Buhari and No to Atiku. Do you believe as Regina argues that electing Atiku is “jumping from frying pan to fire?” 

Ms. Askia wrote: 


( and dug up my article from years ago). Nothing changed!!

The fear of ATIKU is the beginning of WISDOM. Like I said, for the umpteenth time…..

Buhari’s Government is not the best but embracing ATIKU is jumping from frying pan to fire. NIGERIANS you can bet your last naira, that I will always call it as is , on anybody occupying the office of the President in defense of the rights of the common man. ALWAYS!!

This post should show just that.